Cellulose Synthesis Complex

The plant cellulose synthesis complex is a large multi-subunit transmembrane protein complex responsible for synthesis of cellulose chains and their assembly into microfibrils. The image shows ab initio structures of CESA trimers calculated from small-angle scattering data represented by semi-transparent grey surface envelopes, superposed with the computational atomic models in orange. Image credits: Thomas Splettstoesser, scistyle.com, Berlin Germany

Vandavasi, V.G., D.K. Putnam, Q. Zhang, L. Petridis, W.T. Heller, B.T. Nixon, C.H. Haigler, U. Kalluri, L. Coates, and P. Langan. 2016. “A structural study of CESA1 catalytic domain of Arabidopsis cellulose synthesis complex: evidence for CESA trimers.” Plant physiology  170(1):123-35.  [DOI: 10.1104/pp.15.01356]