Crystal Structure of NOV1

The crystal structure of NOV1, a stilbene cleaving oxygenase, shows the features of this enzyme at atomic resolution. This protein fold view highlights the placement of an iron (orange), dioxygen (red), and resveratrol, a representative substrate (blue) in the active site of the enzyme.  Enzymes such as NOV1 could be of value in the biological production of important molecular fragments derived from lignin. (Image courtesy of Ryan McAndrew/JBEI and Berkeley Lab)

LBNL Article

McAndrew, R.P., N. Sathitsuksanoh, M.M. Mbughuni, R.A. Heins, J.H. Pereira, A. George, K.L. Sale, B.G. Fox, B.A. Simmons, and Paul D. Adams. 2016. “Structure and mechanism of NOV1, a resveratrol-cleaving dioxygenase” PNAS 113 (50) 14324-14329. doi:10.1073/pnas.1608917113