National Synchrotron Light Source II

Brookhaven National Laboratory

National Synchrotron Light Source II

The National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II), a DOE scientific user facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory, is sponsored by the Basic Energy Sciences Program. NSLS-II is a 3 GeV storage ring designed to deliver photons with high brightness in the 2 keV to 10 keV energy range and a spectral flux density expected to exceed 1015ph/s/0.1%BW in all spectral ranges. In practical terms, the source is optimized for investigation at the micron scale and smaller. NSLS-II is available to all researchers in academia, industry, and other government laboratories.

BER Resources at NSLS-II

Other NSLS-II Capabilities

By partnering with other NSLS-II beamlines, the resource offers complementary capabilities to its user base. These synergistic partnerships enable visiting researchers to spectroscopically probe their samples from the infrared to hard X-ray range (EXAFS, XANES, IR), including X-ray fluorescence microspectroscopy imaging.