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Research Highlights

Sulfur Exchanged in Peat Moss-Cyanobacteria Mutualism

Peatland ecosystem response to climate change will depend on Sphagnum moss–microbe interactions.

Structural Analysis of Neglected Anaerobic Fungal Enzymes

Atomic-resolution structure and detailed biochemical characterization of a fungal enzyme elucidate how anaerobic cellulosomes rapidly degrade biomass.

Lignin−Pectin Complexation Implicated in Biomass Recalcitrance

Strong evidence that pectin changes how lignin distributes in plant cell walls during thermochemical pretreatment.

XMIDAS Software Enables Chemical Analysis from Spectroscopy Data

Optimized data-reduction strategies and tool development facilitate analysis of complex biological and environmental samples at micro- and nanoscales.

Nitroplast: Symbiont-Turned-Organelle Fixes Nitrogen for Alga

Marine alga is first known eukaryote to pull nitrogen from the air.

Fungus Weathers Potassium from Minerals in Carbon-Limited Environment

Saprotrophic fungus converts potassium from non-bioavailable form to accessible soil potassium pools, a key process for increasing local bioavailability.

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